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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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Great Wall of ChinaThe city has been the successive throne of power to the Jin, Yuan, Ming and the Qing dynasties. Beijing, the capital city of the People's Republic of China, is the center of national politics, economics, culture, transportation and tourism.

Beijing has radically grown-up as a metropolitan city, parallel to the standards of Hong Kong and Shanghai. The city has come a long way from the filthy stronghold of Communism of seventies.

Elevated buildings almost reaching the horizon with hyper- markets, shopping malls thronged by tourists and the locals are the common view of the city.
Beijing holds the attraction of the most astounding archetype of Chinese architecture, quite apparent in its old structures, which inspirit amazement in the spectator. The city is also the gateway to the Great Wall of China -- one of the seven wonders of the world.

Best time to Visit
Being remained capital of China for successive dynasties and has spurts as an affluent bonanza of tourist attractions. The marvelous panorama of Beijing will definitely leave you spellbound. Autumn is the best time when one can enjoy the charisma of the city up to its full magnitude, during this period the weather is mild and pleasant with clear blue sky.

Beijing Temptations
The Great Wall of China
The main attraction of the Beijing City is the World Heritage Site - the Great Wall of China. It is the common myth that the wall is the only man made object on the earth that is visible from space and moon. The Great Wall of China is part of the cultural heritage of mankind and takes its pride place in the seven wonders of the world. For every tourist to China, it always remains the top destination in its itinerary.

 Temple of HeavenThe Forbidden City (Museum)
The place has been opened to the public as the Imperial Palace Museum, once ruled by the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The museum is adorned with the architecture splendor of traditional palace, artifacts and the treasures of by gone era keptsafe in the palace. One also comes to know about the legends and the lifestyle of the imperial family.

Summer Palace
Another Forbidden City of Beijing also called as ‘Yiheyuan’ in Chinese. It is famous for its most beautiful imperial garden that is best maintained and preserved in China. The garden is also the symbol of ‘Nurtured Harmony’ and is visited by thousands of tourist every year, definitely a must visit sight.

It is an open area in the heart of the city quite famous for holding many ceremonies and demonstrations for more then 100 years. It is the largest square, with an area of 440,000 sq. meters; the center of the square is adorned by the colossal “Monument to the People's Heroes” - the 36 meters monolith, constructed out of Qingdao granite.
The area is embellished with the majestic Tiananmen Gate also known as the Heavenly Peace Gate, with the Great Hall of the People on the western side and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution and the Museum of Chinese History to its east and west.

Temple of Heaven
The temple is located in the Chongwen town in the southern part of Beijing. The structure is called as the ‘Temple of Heven’ due to its unique architecture and construction. The circular upper northern half of the temple represents Heaven and the square southern half represents the Earth, contemporary with the sought Chinese saying "Round Heaven and Square Earth". Other renowned structures of the north south zones are ‘The Hall of Prayer’ for good harvest at the northern zone and the Imperial Vaulted Heaven and the Circular Altar at the southern zone. At the central point one can also view the heavenly gates of the temple. The Vermilion Steps Bridge or the Divine Path-- a 2.5-m high and 360-m long path is the joining medium of the two zones.

Mode of Transportation
By Air:
Beijing airport is the biggest airport in whole of China almost 25-km from the city center. Many airlines operate through the airport, 21 domestic airlines, 1 Hong Kong airline and 1 Macao airline operate flights to and from Beijing. One can take the facilities of airport shuttle from the airport to reach the city that runs every half an hour. Meter taxies are also easily available from the airports.

The Forbidden City By Train:
The city is well connected to other parts of china by the well-developed mode of transport. Beijing enjoys the 4 major railway stations - Beijing Railway Station (in eastern Beijing), Beijing West Railway Station (in the southwest of the city), Yongdingmen Station (in the south) and Xizhimen Station (in the north).

By Road:
The city is also connected by the well-developed road transport network to all the major parts of the country. The four major long-distance bus stations are- Dongzhimen (northeast; Dongzhimenwai Xiejie), Muxiyuan (south; Haihutun, Fengtai District), Beijiao (north; Deshengmenwai) and Majun or Guangqumen (east; Guangqumenwai).

Pedi-cabs are best means for sightseeing, although they are a bit costly. Try to hire a legally registered pedi-cab to avoid being cheated.

Another exciting way to view the magnificent way of the city is through its waterway transport. Changhe course and Kunyuhe course are best known ways, the 9 km long Changhe course runs from lake Kunmen Hu to the lake Beizhanhou Hu and the Kunyuhe course is about 10km long, stretching from Kunmen Hu to Yuyuan Tan.
Besides this tourist boats are also available for the water cruiser.

Beijing as a Major Shopping Hub
Shopping in Beijing is a real excitement and fun ever since the time of Marco Polo. It was from here that Marco Polo introduced silk and noodles in Europe.

Today Beijing offers vast variety of temptations like --
Cloisonné, a traditional handicraft made of bronze and porcelain; ivory carvings Yadiao; Jade objects; carved lacquer wares; colorful kites, delicate paper-cut, Chinese knots and much more.

Tian'anmen Chinese medicinal herbs are world famous as they have their magic power to heal the sufferers.

Wangfujing, is the most famous shopping joint. It is almost 700-year-old Commercial Street located to the east of Tiananmen Square that offers all kinds of commodities.

Xidan Commercial Street, on Xidanbei Dajie to the west of Tiananmen Square another important shopping area.

Liulichang Culture Street, at a walking distance from the south of Hepingmen subway station, is a traditional cultural market selling jewelry, antiques and ancient calligraphy and paintings.

Popular entertainment / Hang outs in Beijing
Acrobatics: One can enjoy the marvelous art acrobats at the Wansheng Theatre in Xuanwu district. It is one of the special places for the performances of Beijing Acrobatic Troupe.

Ballet and Opera: Madame Butterfly and Carmen are some of the famous Ballet and Opera performed by the Central Ballet Troupe of China. One can also enjoy the Italian

Operas. The Beijing Opera: a principle of Chinese national culture is a rich amalgam of singing, dancing, musical dialogue, martial arts, facial makeup and colorful attires.

The Puppet Show: The shows are based on the folk tales and dances. These puppet shows are almost 2000-year-old art and are still the great source of attraction among the tourist.

Popular Hangouts:
The Teahouse: Teahouses are common meeting place where people enjoy the traditional tea along with traditional snacks. Teahouse is a favorite joint for all sorts of people whether dealing in business and entertaining friends. Here one can also know about the folk culture of Beijing.

Asia Tourism