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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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Birthday of Buddha

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BuddhaLord Buddha's birthday is one of the foremost festivals celebrated on the land of China. It is observed on the eighth day of the Fourth Moon. Legend has it that at the time of Buddha's birth, 9 dragons spat on the water.

Chinese celebrates the festivals of Buddha (Bodhisattvas) in the Mahayana tradition, according to the Buddhist calendar. The most significant celebration comes in the month of May on the night of the full moon, when Buddhist all over the world celebrate the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. It has become to be known as Buddha Day.

Buddha- the Divine Figure
Buddha is the sacred name given to a man called Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of the

Buddhist religion. His followers call him Buddha, which means "The Enlightened One".
Buddha lived about 2,500 years ago.
The ‘Four Noble Truths’ are the essence of his teachings-
First is the noble truth of unhappiness in life
The truth of the cause of unhappiness
The noble truth of the way to stop unhappiness
The noble truth of that which leads to the end of unhappiness.
Forgiveness was the vital truth of Buddhist’s life. The birthday of Buddha is also known as the Festival of Ten Thousand Buddhas.
On the birthday of Buddha, thousand of devotees pray for washing away of their sins and for the achievement of wisdom and peace.

Birthday Celebration
Buddhist Festivals are celebrated with full devotion and enthusiasm, people go to the local temple or monastery and offer food to the monks and take the Five Doctrines and listen to a Dharma speech. In the afternoon, they distribute food to the poor and in the evening joins perhaps in a ceremony of circumambulating a stupa three times, as a sign of respect to the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha. The day will conclude with evening chanting of the Buddha's teachings and meditations.

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