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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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The Beidaihe BeachThe coastline of Great Republic of China extends well over 18,000 km, scrubbed by the waters of the Bohai, the Huanghai, the East China and the South China seas. The Bohai Sea is also known as a ‘Inland Sea’ of China.

The exquisite beaches of China’s coastal areas add charm and fascination to this great world.

The Beidaihe Beach
The Beidaihe Beach Resort extends 10km east to west from the Yinjiao Pavillion to the end of the Daihe. Its is a natural bathing beach with its pristine blue waters, that facilitates a relaxing holiday on the swampy sands. The beach attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each summer.

Huiquan Beach -Qingdao
Qingdao treasures some of the most beautiful beaches in China. There are 6 main beaches lying in the coastal region of Qingdao. They are -- Huiquan, Taipingwan, Zhanshan, Zhanqiao, Sifang and Cangkou respectively.

Among them, Huiquan Beach is considered as one of the most popular bathing beach among the tourists.

Opening Timings: The beach can be visited the entire day, right from sunrise to sunset.

Tianya Haijiao and Dadonghai --Hainan Province
The region is famous for its tropical beach splendor. Tianya Haijiao and Dadonghai are the two well-known beaches of the province. Lying on the soft sand under beautiful sunshine or walking through the coconut plantation under the blue sky is just spell binding.
The climatic conditions also facilitates it as the most desired beach resort, the weather is not very hot in summer nor very cold in winters, adorned with lot of greenery and fresh air. Hainan Island has therefore become a place of interest for winter swimming and vacations.

Beihai Silver Beach Beihai Silver Beach
The beach gets its name from its soft and silvery sand glittering in the sun and moon rays, displaying its full splendor.
The Beach lies to the south of Beihai, extending 24 km west and varies in width from 30 to 300m. It is considered as one of the best beaches in China, maintaining its average seawater temperature of 23C through out the year. One of the most captivating sight for the sea enthusiast, the beach also offers a row of guesthouses and villas built in different styles near the sea coast, ideal for staying.
Accessibility: Bus No.3 from Beibuwan Square runs up to the beach resort.
Cost: RMB15.
Admission Fee: RMB 35
Opening Timings: 08:00 to 17:50 Recommended

Baker Beach
Baker Beach is situated southwest of the Golden Gate Bridge, and is easily be accessed through the means of road transport from Lincoln Boulevard.
The beach is more renowned for sunbathing and is also considered as a most protective beach. Adventure and recreational activities includes- surfing and boardsailing. Swimming and Wading are discouraged due to the cold water temperatures and strong tidal currents.

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