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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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Asia Tourism
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Monks Dancing at Katok MonasteryThe Chinese observe a wide variety of traditional and modern festivals based both on the lunar and solar calendars. The Chinese Festivals occur throughout the year, as the calendar year and the Lunar year is different, the festivals fall on different dates each year. All festivals are celebrated with same enthusiasm and showcase a rich traditional and cultural heritage of China. Festivals play a very important role in China. People participate in all events with full excitement and merriment. Dragon Festival, Kite Festival are some of the most colorful festivals of China that are not only famous among the locals but also the visitors enjoy it to its full core coming from around the world.


Asia Tourism
Asia Tourism
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Asia Tourism
Asia Tourism