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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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China Nightlife and Entertainment

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Nightlife in ChinaNightlife in China is full of fun and merriment with vast diversity of hanging our zones -- Dance clubs, Bars, Parties, Opera-shows, Eating joints, Live music bands and what not!

Nightlife of a country plays an important role in generating tourism in the region on more successful bases as locals and tourist wants to freak out in the evenings and spend their time on some entertainment like cinemas, theatres, nightclubs etc.

Almost every luxurious hotel facilitates entertainment. Magnificent nightlife venues can also be observed mostly in the heart of the city. One can hangout with the Peking Opera, Acrobatics, Dramas, Local ballad dances and singing or attending a music concert or can even visit a roadside disco.

In fact it is ideal to go for the places that have been backed by other tourists or Chinese friends.

Over the period of time China has witnessed the bustling of foreign motif pubs, new exotic bars and locally run clubs. All these joints are of a great source of excitement and enticement for both locals as well as its visitors.

The admission fee is usually about 50-80 yuan and beer is 15-20 yuan.

Night Hubs of China
Generally the Shanghai Night Bars are located on the roof garden and boast of the excellent view of the Bund and river. Normally the bars are like a huge glass room, can easily be seen through, it is regarded as the most romantic place in Shanghai.

Beijing has a remarkable nightlife in its various venues. Once visiting China, the tourist surely goes for a Beijing Opera and the superb Chinese Acrobats - highly boosting, both seem gratifying.

DiscosIn recent evolution, the Chinese translations of Western plays have gained immense popularity, such as-- The Mousetrap, Gao Zingjian's Bus Stop - a kind of Chinese Theatre of the Absurd.

Chinese Cinemas has also gained immense popularity, tourist have developed a great taste for ‘Kung Fu Movies’, there are plenteousness of opportunity to enjoy the serious and fairly controversial movies emerging from a new wave of younger film-makers.

Main Bar Areas
Bar’s are the ideal hang out zones for the visitors. Over the period, China is thronged with diversified bar puffs, most of them opening till 4 am in morning. The bars are frequently visited by many foreign customers and visitors, hence a new arrival doesn’t feel out of place at these joints.

Sanlitun Entertainment, Hou Hai Bar Area.

Recommended Discos
Chines Disco makes a trip to this destination a lifetime experience. It is recommended as one of the best and most popular venue in Beijing. If you're looking for a beautifully decked out typical Asian disco, experience it with a tremendous fun folic atmosphere, look no further.
Friday and Saturday nights are real fun and folic nights, being weekends.
Main disco hubs are- Club Banana / Spicy, Gun Shi -Rock and Roll, Re Dian - a top hot spot.

Floor Shows
China is one of the few remaining places to still have good variety shows, many are included with the price of admission, or even completely free as long as you're drinking/eating something.

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