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Chinese Pottery

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Chinese Pottery JarPottery has been an ancient art in China. After the man learnt the procedure of making pottery during 5000BC, the Chinese gained expertise in it. They mastered the art of mking painted pottery, carved pottery and black pottery. Han dynasty is remembered for new ceramic age. Glazed pottery was the fashion of those days.

The Chinese achieved near perfection in the art of pottery, thanks to hard work and persistent efforts for excellence. National Palace Museum in Taipei is famous for its assets. There are several specimen of this beautiful art. For example almost transparent egg-shell China wear and other items adorned with delicate birds, beasts, flowers and graces. It is astonishing to see these marvels.

Evolvement of Chinese Pottery
Various factors played their part in the development of Chinese pottery. Important among these factors are fuel, clays, river system and markets. Heave clay and colossal quantities of fuel were required for making exquisite pottery. Cost of transportation dictated that the art was restricted to the areas where the required factors were available in abundance.

Industrial Art Institutions
Number of art institutions have been established in China. These institutions impart training to the students. Prominent among these institutions are some departments of Chinese Cultural University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan Academy of Arts.

Pottery Figure Playing a Musical InstrumentSkilled Craftsmen ship
Chinese craftsmen have always strived for excellence. It is this approach that has made them masters of the art. They put in every effort to defeat the deficiencies of the required factors. They also overcome the hindrances which block their way.

There is a glittering example of this approach of the Chinese. In the 13th century, the clay used as raw material in Chingte Chen (Kiangsi Province) lacked in quality. It was stone mixed with kaolin, which is a material with poor plasticity. For example, during 1279 and early 1368 dynasties, the clay used to produce porcelain in world-famous Chingte Chen, Kiangsi Province, was stone mixed with kaolin, a material with comparatively poor plasticity. After hard work they got the solution to their problem. They grind the raw material so that it becomes very fine. Then it is soaked in water for several years. The process incresses its quality including plasticity. A special knife was used to carve out the ware when it was half dry. This is the way the well-known Chinese 'eggshell' was born.

Varieties of Pottery
Purple Clay Pottery
Purple clay pottery evolved during the times of Ming dynasty. This type of pottery is still made in places like yixing, for many parts of China lack the purple clay. It is liked by thousands of people all over the world. Potters are always conscious of maintaining artistic beauty in their produce.

Fahua Pottery
Fahua pottery was a famous product of the times of the Ming Dynasty. This kind of pottery was made in the south of Shanxi zone at low temperature. In this type of pottery, usually, peacock blue, purple, green and white were painted on human figures, peonies, birds and pavilions.

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