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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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Guilin HillsOne of the distinguished ancient and cultural cities of China, Guilin has a history, which can be traced back to over 2,000 years. The region was inhabited by primitive people as early as 5000 BC. During 214 BC it spurt as an significant town in south China when the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty ordered digging a canal to link the Xiang River and the Tan River to connect two of China's major waterways.

Today, Guilin crowns the glory of a bustling modern city with edifice, the people and traffic charging the arena. But it’s the hills around the city that magnetize the tourists more than anything else.

The City of Guilin is situated on the Li River about 400km from Guangzohou. The city is bequeathed with nature’s extravagance with the river being haunch by Limestone Mountains on both the shores. One can embark upon a small boat cruise on the tranquil waterways and can also have a delightful excursion through the backwoods on hired bicycles. Guilin is embellished with the splendor of the limestone cliffs. The caves and the zoo in the Seven Star Park are the most captivating sights.

Best Time to Visit
Autumn is the best seasons to visit Guilin city. April to October are the most preferred months to plan your trip for travelling, during this time the weather is quite pleasant inspire of its Semi-humid climatic pattern.

Guilin Temptations
Banyan Lake and Fir Lake:
Located at the heart of the city these are the two exquisite lake parks famous for its picturesque location. The Banyan Lake, is encompassed by some very old Banyan trees, including an ancient Banyan tree (800 years old) on its northern shore. Fir Lake is located to the east, south of Shanhu Bei Road, which is also, one of the most captivating sights.

Ferry and Hills by a River, Yangdi VillageLijiang River Tours: A boat cruise along the Guilin and Yangshuo ways is the perfect way to encounter the picturesque splendor of the riverbanks. Generally the tours comes out to be little expensive, normally taken one way with a return trip by bus.

Yangdi Village:
It’s actually the way to Yangdi, which is more interesting than the village. On your way along the Lijiang river, between Yangshuo and Yangdi Village, you will come across the most beautiful and unique peaks such as "Crown Rock", "Mandarin Ducks Play in the Water", "Nine Horses Mountain", "Screw Mountain", "Mural Hill" that will definitely take your breath away.

Elephant Trunk Hill:
Nestling on the bank of the Lijiang River, the hill has a unique appearance of an elephant that makes it a major attraction for its visitors. It appears as if the elephant is dipping its snout into the Lijiang River. Definitely a visit sight.

Reed Flute Cave:
The cave showcases the most striking under ground vista of the country. The natural rock formations in the cave contrived many breath-taking scenes like- "Primitive Forest", "Crystal Palace", and "Flower and Fruit Mountain" that forms the major source of attractions for the tourists.

Folded Brocade Hill / Moon Hill
The Folded hill is an ideal place for undertaking some kind of adventures sports. It offers the climbing opportunities up to the peak, its thin shape and green boscage makes it look like folded brocade.
Moon Hill offers some splendid views. The natural round cave perched atop the peak, from a distance, appears like a hole in the peak and bears resemblance with the moon.

Reed Flute CaveLing Canal:
The first Emperor of China constructed Ling Canal. It is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese agrarian architecture and is one of the oldest canals in the world. If one is curious in hiking or visiting ancient Chinese ruins, this location is highly backed.

Seven Star Park:
The park comprises of seven peaks and several caves, including "Seven Star Cave", which are quite famous for natural formations like stalagmites and stalactites which resemble animals and landscapes. One of the most spellbinding sight.

Mode of Transportation
By Air:
The city is well connected by the means of Airways. The Qi Feng Ling Airport is 20 km from the city. There are direct flights connecting the city to most major domestic cities as well as Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. Most of the hotels operate shuttle services to and from the airport. There is also the airport bus shuttle.

By Rail:
Guilin has train connections with all the important cities in the country. Trains from Kunming and points west arrive and depart from the new Railway Station in Northern Guilin, while trains from all points north arrive and depart from the older Railway Station in the west of Guilin.

By Road:
An excellent network of highways and expressways in the city facilitates Road transport. There are frequent deluxe buses running between the major cities and nearby provinces.

Moving in an around the city
Taxis and tourist cabs are the best way to move around the city. One can also use bicycles and motor bikes for the purpose. While commuting in taxis and buses, always keep currency of small denominations.

Guilin as a Shopper’s Paradise
Shopping in GuilinOne can go for souvenir shopping and purchasing of gems and traditional articles such as bamboo and wooden carvings. Guilin doesn’t have any big departmental stores or shopping malls but one can check out shops in the area around Mopanshan Dock.
The city is also famous for some of its mouth-watering delicacies and fruits like oranges and kumquats.
Specialty of the city are -- Bamboo and wooden carvings, gems, candies, Sanhua alcohol, tea, watermelon powder, weaved grass craft-work and painted Yangshuo fans.
Shopping Hubs: Mopashan Dock, Yangshuo.

Eating and Hanging out Joints
Guilin attraction also lies in its cuisine; the sweetness and delicate use of spice and chili characterize Guilin Cuisine. Eating out in the city is an awesome experience. Some of the delicacies of the city are Bamboo leaves stuffed with sweet rice, Guilin snack and the Chicken Balls with chestnut that are available all over the city.

There are number of hotels and restaurants in city. These are the most preferred hang out joints for the locals as well as the travelers. The Guilin Hotel Restaurant offers a congenial environment to savoir some of this stuff. The Empire Garden Hotel Restaurant houses an incredible Japanese and French restaurant.

Entertainment/ Nightlife
Jiefang Xi Lu and the surrounding streets are dotted with several theatres that are thronged with lot of music lovers normally on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday nights. Performances of opera and traditional singing provide good entertainment in Guilin.

For the night hangouts, the Dadu Hui Disco, on the corner of Yiren Lu and Zhongshan Lu, and Gogo are the most preferred zones. The Ragazza Pub near Yiren Lu is also the popular joint normally thronged by the visitors.

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