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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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Bamboo Forest in HangzhouMarco Polo rightly referred Hangzhou as, “ the finest and most splendid city in the world”.

The history of Hangzhou can be traced back to 2200 BC. It came to prominence when the Grand Canal was built (581-618 AD) with Beijing as the northern terminus and Hangzhou as the southern terminus. The canal, which operates till today, gave immense impetus to trade and as a result Hangzhou boomed as a major economic, political and cultural center. Thus, Hangzhou is one of those seven cities in China that have served as capital cities throughout Chinese history. Hangzhou became the capital of Zhejiang province after the People's Republic of China came to existence. Toady the city functions as the political, economic and cultural center, as well as a transportation hub in the region.

The city is bequeathed with the magnificence of the Lake and a natural lagoon dating back to around 2000 years. The lake is girdled by hills on the three sides and dotted with ravishing gardens and shrines. With the potentials of the West Lake being harnessed on a massive scale, Hangzhou enjoys worldwide renown as a city for scenery tourism.
Hangzhou is an ideal destination, most preferred as a sumptuous panoramic sight in China.

Hangzhou Temptations
Solitary Island
It is the biggest island amidst the lake and an exquisite region to meander and explore. It also offers some amazing panorama over the lake. The island houses some of the historical sights like the tomb of Qiu Jin and the Zhejiang provincial museum. To wards the north lies the booming Zhongshan Park, the main attraction of the park is the Huagang fishpond bestowed with resplendent fishes. The Bai Causeway connectind the island to the mainland is the city's bustling hang out zone.

Creeks and Gullies
9 Creeks and 18 Gullies is an exquisite area actually comprising of many paths, which constitution a bizarre walkway, placid and gracious. It makes a magnificent departure from the lake as one come across tea terraces en-route the Dragon Spring.

Solitary Island Longjing Tea Plantation
Another worth a visit site is the Longjing tea plantation. Longjing village is about half and hour cycle rides from the city and is embellished by tea terraces on either side of the road. It makes an ideal location for those who want to strolls down the streets and watch the locals at work. Normally tourist go for purchasing their favorite flavor of tea brand that is easily available on every corner.

Xiaoying Island and the Three Pools
A boat cruise to this far-flung island is a wonderful adventure. The island is a store of many smaller lakes inside the big West Lake and also stores many smaller island inside Xiaoying Island. Bridges and railings link the small islets.

Lingyin Temple
Lingyin Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in China. It was built in AD 326, during the Jin Dynasty. The present structure of the temple is the restoration made during the time of the Qing dynasty. The main attraction of the temple lies in its enchanting accumulation of stone-carved Buddha who sits in the nook of the cliff. The most impressive of these is a huge, fat "Laughing Buddha". The temples also store various gold statues of Buddha, posing in different positions and adopting a warrior mannerism.

Mode of Transportation
By Air:
Regular flights from Hangzhou connect the other parts of China to the city. The airport is just 15kms north of town. There are regular bus and taxi services from the airport to the city center.

By Train:
The Hangzhou railway station is located to the east of the city center. Many trains operate from this station between Hangzhou and other parts of the country.

By Road:
There is proper road connectivity between Hangzhou and other parts of the country. The main bus terminus lies in the north of Hushu Nan Lu town. Most of the long distance buses arrive at this station.

Lingyin TempleBy Waterways:
The harbor is on the Grand Canal towards the northeast of town. There are daily passenger services connecting Hangzhou with Suzhou and Wuxi, both arriving in the morning and leaving in the early evening. Hangzhou is also connected with Huangshan via Xin'an River and Thousand Island Lake through boat services.

Moving in and around the City
Taxis and buses are the best modes of transport for travelling inside the city. Normally, buses run along fixed routes throughout Hangzhou, where as you can hire a meter taxi up to your desired destination.

Shopping in Hangzhou
Hangzhou is yet another shopping paradise. The city offers an extraordinary variety of local crafts, rare arts and other souvenirs. Hangzhou also has an astounding silk market called the China Silk City on Fengqi Road. Most of the silk sold here is artificial, but some shops also keep real silk as well.

Most demanded items: Silk, embroidery, silk umbrellas, Bamboo chopsticks, White Chrysanthemum Tea and Longjing tea.

Main Shopping Hubs: Evening market on Wushan Road, China Silk City (Zhongguo Sichou Cheng) on Fengqi Lu, and the shops along Jiefang Road or Yan'an Road.

Eating and Hanging out Joints
Hangzhou offers a wide variety of choices in the local delicacies. The lakeside of Wushan Lu, Yan’an Lu, Huabin Lu and Pinghai Lu offers sumptuous Yangzi and Northern Zhejiang cuisines. Try out some local delicacies at Louwailou, on Gu Shan Island, and Tianwaitian more known as ‘Sky Beyond Sky’, near Lingyin Si. Bafangyuan, Pinghai Lu, is a good place to try some drinks like the delicious ‘Taiwanese Naizhu Cha’ (milk pearl tea).

Entertainment and Freaking out Zones
Nightlife in Hangzhou is quite engaging. The most popular evening past time remains, however, walking and strolling around or across the West Lake. The city's nightlife revolves around the ‘Paradise Rock Bar’-- drinks, delicious cuisine, an appropriate adornment and the light music making it a preferred hang out for the night. The ‘Lake of Dreams’ on the southeast corner of the lake and the New L.A. Disco on Qing Chun Lu are the other renowned restaurants of the city. Other entertainment’s of the city are the sports. There are the 2 championship level tennis courts and a Golf club in Hanhzhou, normally occupied with some or the other events taking place.

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