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MacauThe area of Macau includes a small peninsula projecting from the south of China as well as the nearby islands of Taipa and Coloane.
The region has a bizarre combination of cultures and religions with mix of 95% of Chinese and 5% of Portuguese population and immigrants from other countries. The most common language is Cantonese although Mandarin, English, and Portuguese are spoken too.

Macau is an awesome place to hang around. A stroll around the sloppy meandering paths and the remote passageways will surely delights its visitors.
With a colonial past predating Hong Kong by nearly 300 years, Macau's historic buildings from old fortresses to Baroque churches and faded mansion are still the main source of attraction. The old Protestant burial ground where early non-Catholic settlers and traders were enclosed; the Lou Lim Ioc garden and the Restoration Row- a captivating area of 1920s buildings restored by the government are important attractions in Macau. One can also enjoy the sights of ancient structures of the city at the Praia Grande that also includes the Government House and the Macau Governor’s Residence built in 1849.

Best Time to Visit Macau
During winters seasons -January-March, Macau weather is cold but sunny, in summers- April-September the whether is very hot and humid.
The low humidity days of autumn -October-December with clear sky are the best days to travel Macau.

Macau Temptations
The Church of Sao Paulo
The most outstanding historic structure at Macau is the Church of Sao Paulo constructed in the year 1600 that was once destroyed completely in the year 1835. For a closer view one can climb up the stairs of the church. At night it offers a delightful subliminal image of the city below. A little further, another flight of stairs leads to the Citadel of Sao Paulo do Monte which still displays the cannon that helped repel the Dutch invasion of 1622. The area also holds the view of the entire city and countryside.

The Church of Sao PauloThe temple of the Goddess A-Ma / Lin Fong Temple /Kun Iam Temple
The three ancient temples in Macau are the A-ma Temple with a history of over 500 years, the most famous and impressive Kun Iam Temple, and one of the finest temples in Macau - Lin Fung Temple. The temples are more famous for their architecture splendor. People from all walks of like come here to receive blessings and pay their homage.

The Casinos
The city enjoys its financial success due to large inflow of tourists who come here to visit and to play in Macau's most famous sites - the Casinos. There are many types of gambling waiting to be played, such as horseracing and dog racing. The most famous joints are located within the Lisboa Hotel with a complete atmosphere of an exciting night. Here, Macau turns out to be a paradise with all fun, enjoyment and merriment.

Taipa/Coloane Beaches
At the south of the Macao’s city, two small islands of Taipa and Coloane linked with the peninsula by bridges and land retrieval are famous for some of the beautiful beaches. The calm villages and the beaches are the ideal place to stroll, to luxuriate in the cool sandy beaches and to eats fish and drink Portuguese Rum.

A Cruses through the City of Hong Kong
Macau, also pose as an easy gateway to the nearby city of Hong Kong. It is a must to visit the city if you are in territory of Macau region.
A day-trip from Hong Kong is very easy to formulate-- thousands of tourist and locals sojourn to Hong Kong every weekend. Although a couple of nights are required to do the place justice and enjoy the city up to its full brim.

The Casinos Mode of Transportation
By Air
Macau new airport is located on Taipa Island, offering many direct flights from Europe. The airport also has direct links to Asian cities like Bangkok, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei and Manila. China destinations include Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Dunming and Guilin. One can also take the services of a helicopter to Hong Kong.

By Waterways
Macau is linked by other parts of China and Hong Kong by more than 150 sea crossings every day. With vide variety of choices offered at the port, one can use the services of jetfoil, turbocat, foilcat or express ferry services, the trip to Hong Kong takes just an hour by jetfoil.

By Road
The best way to get around the Macau Peninsula is by most comfortable luxury bus or minibus. Taxis are metered and reasonably priced, but not too many drivers speak English. 3-wheeled pedi-cabs (tricycles) stocked round the Jetfoil pier and Lisboa Hotel are the other comfortable ways to enjoy city sightseeing.

Entertainment and Hang out Zones
Nightlife in Macau revolves around casinos, jai alai and horse racing.
Its cafes, cobble stone streets and historic building are the most preferred hang out zones in the city, making it a sightseeing delight.
Macau, with its liberal gambling laws, is seen as little more than one giant casino. Gambling is one of the main attractions with first class casinos open 24 hours - You can't go wrong with your tips here.

Other freaks out zones are the Portuguese-named streets and European-style buildings. Visitors can exclusively recline by rambling along these streets and luxuriating in the beautiful gardens around the buildings.
The beaches, attractions and nightlife of Macau are like no other city in the world.

Asia Tourism