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Martial Arts - Wushu

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WushuWashu is the art of fighting or marshal arts, In Chinese- Wu means ‘Military’ and Shu means ‘Art’. Wushu is the most prestigious and unique art form of Chinese rich cultural heritage from centuries. It not only includes physical exercise but also study of Chinese reasoned doctrine, transcendental meditation and artistry.

Martial Arts or Wushu, have been developed for self protection and survival throughout human history. Chinese Wushu skills bestow an individual with the foremost methods of exercises, forming a competitive sport and a basis for self-defense.

Martial training includes Ti - kicking, Da - punching, Shuai - throwing, Na - controlling, Gi - hitting, Ci - thrusting, etc. Each style involves defensive techniques, offensive strategies, retraction, mobility and immobility, rapidity and slow-pace, resisting or moldable position. Recently, the Chinese government changed the Wushu term to "Guoshu," or "National Method". The most popular term used in North America is "Kung-fu" that means one's competency in any ability, not necessarily martial.

Wushu can be skilled by an individual as a solo art, paired or in a group with barehanded or equipped with ancient Chinese weapons.

Wuhu’s Styles and Systems
Through many centuries Wushu has been developed into different systems- the most renowned systems include- Shaolin Temple System and Mt. Wudang System. Only the Shaolin system has hundreds of styles. Among the many styles are Chang quan (long fist), Nan quan (southern fist)-- belongs to the external style which emphasizes on physical strength and abilities.

Taiji quan (shadow boxing or supreme ultimate fist), Xingyi quan (mind fist), Baqua quan (eight directions fist) -- belongs to the internal style that depends upon internal power.

Chi C Chinese Kung Fu StylesKung Fu Styles
Shaolin Kung Fu
Shaolin Quan or Shaolin Chuan style was originated in the Shaolin Temple on Mount Songshan in Henan Province. The art was named after the temple. The founder of the Shaolin Quan was said to be an Indian monk.

Tai Chi Chuan
Includes Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Chuan Styles.
Tai Chi Chuan routines require calmness and concentration. Forces and energy should be produce from the spine and waist before reaching the arms and legs. The movements are executed slowly, continuously and softly. Practitioners are required to breathe regularly and smoothly.

Chinese Martial Arts Weapons (Chinese Kung Fu Weapons)
The ring is another Chinese Wushu weapon. It is circular in shape, about 30 cm in diameter, and made of metal with sharp blades around the outer rim.

Sparring in Chinese Martial Arts
Two or more unarmed or armed persons participate in the fight. The routines for sparring include such offence and defense techniques as kicking, wrestling, holding, beating, thrusting, chopping, lifting, axing, finger-hitting at certain parts of the body, jumping and leaping.

Wushu as a modern Art
Chinese Wushu has been modernized. Wushu become a more vigorous and artistic performance and competitive sport. More and more foreigners come to learn the mysterious Wushu. In order to promote Wushu internationally, China’s Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival is held twice a year.

Wushu Training Institution
EducAsian's Wushu / Martial Arts program is held primarily at the Beijing University of Physical Education (BUPE) and it is a home to many of China's top coaches and martial art teachers. Wu Bin, Jet Li's teacher and actors- Donny Yuen and Zhao Wen Zhou are some of the famous teachers of this art.

BUPE is currently one of the premier locations for serious martial arts training in China, attracting athletes from all over China and the world. It offers the best opportunity to get training from the China’s top coaches whom were former national champions and coaches of international teams.

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