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Mt. Huangshan

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Mt. HuangshanThe southern part of Anhui Province holds the charm of majestic Huangshan Mountain at the pass of Shexian, Yixian, Taiping and Xiuning counties.
It is said that all natural marvel of earth are right under the Mt. Huangshan. Xu Xiake, a famous traveler of the Ming Dynasty, said-- "After scaling Mt. Huangshan, one will no longer have the desire to climb other mountains, and travel will come to an end."
The Huangshan mountain range has been reserved as a national park and included in a World Natural and Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO.

The charms of Huangshan
Mt. Huangshan also known as the Yellow Mountain and is the cluster of 72 peak mountain ranges, extending in the south of Anhui region. The mountain is distinguished for its majestic rocky peaks, erotic shaped pine trees and pristine springs.
The mountain is also often named as a magnificent ‘sea of clouds’ covering the highest peaks-- the Lotus Flower Peak (Lianhua Feng) about a height of 1864m, the Bright Summit Peak (Guangming Ding) and the Celestial Peak (Tiandu Feng).
This exquisite and unanticipated, breathtaking splendor, tempts many painters and poets pursuing serenity and motivation.

The Extension of Mt. Huangshan
The landscape zone of Mt. Huangshan extends over an area of about 154 sq. km, including 72 peaks, 24 streams, such as the Taohua Xi (Peach Flower stream), 12 caves and 8 rocks. The picturesque scenery of Mt. Huangshan can be epitomized into "4 unique features" - ‘mythical pine trees’, ‘erotic rock structures’, ‘sea of clouds’ and ‘hot springs’.

Mt. Huangshan Special Features
The Mt. Hangshan is bedecked with elevated Pine Trees. The coniferous forest with the thick short leaves, curved trunks, coiled branches and their tops flat are also found in the region. The mountain enjoys some of the masterpiece created naturally out of the rocks, some rocks look like human figures while some are in the shape of animal. "Golden Rooster Crowing at the Gate to Heaven" in front of the Banshan Temple and "An Immortal Dries Booth" in the Xihai are the finest specimens of these rocks.

Elusive and modifying, are the ‘seas of clouds’ which are the other attraction of the Mt. Huangshan. Sometimes the clouds shine with the golden rays of the sun and sometimes displaying the silver arena of the moonlight.

There are also number of hot springs in the area, they are often referred as "broiling springs" as water temperature remains constant at 42 degrees throughout the year. Water is crystal and sweet, suitable both for bathing and drinking.

The Huangshan Mountain is also an abode of magnificent wildlife extending over a vast area. It is also a home to 1,452 kinds of plants, displaying diverse variety of vegetation.

Best Time to Visit
Normally, April is the month of spring and the mountain region doesn’t have any winter season. Mt. Huangshan, with the pleasant climate, exquisite and unique landscape is ideal for mountaineering. In other words Mt. Huangshan is one of the most famous scenic spots in China, and is also a well-known tourist attraction in the world that can be accessed any time of the year.

Important Information
Admission Fee: ¥ 131(Excluding 81 for single ticket of rope - way)
Opening Hours: 08:40 to 16:00 Recommended
Duration of Visit: Requires minimum of 2 to 3 nights stay.

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