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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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Shanghai Whampoa River BundThe city of Shanghai once known as the 'Paris of the Orient’, in its by gone era, today stands as the major commercial center of China with a population 17- million-people. In the beginning of the century Shanghai was Asia's most sought after region and later became the most preferred destination for adventurers.

The city has continued to capture a distinct enchantment for foreign tourist, particularly after great economic and social modification in China. It serves as the gateway to the Changjiang (Yangtze) River basin and is becoming the new global financial center of South Asia. With its hustling fares and the increasing cultural significance of its artistry, music, theatre, ballet, opera, cinema, and universities, Shanghai provides a dynamic and exciting attraction for its visitors and a perfect laboratory for Lexia students for undertaking and studying about China and its move toward reformation.

Shanghai City evidently portrays the dual nature, which can be noticed in every part of the city. One can find the oldest streets of China in Yu Yuan area, as well as the views of the modern city both holding their own charms. The place is the ideal point of taking a boat cruise in the Huangpu River or to visit the Yu Yuan Market.

Shanghai has immense to offer its visitors, the city is kind of a living museum, blended with the European and Japanese architecture of 19th century. The ethereal Yuyuan Garden is a worth visiting spot as it has its roots back to 500 years with some of the unique embellishments. The garden has colossal dragon walls, exquisitely carved gateways, bamboo groves, meandering walkways and artistic furniture making it a great center of attraction. Another attraction of the city is the bustling Yuyuan Market-the busiest area of the city.
Best Time to Visit the City
Shanghai has an extreme type for climate-- winters are quite cold and chilly, temperatures often drop well below zero. In contrast, the summers are very hot and humid. Therefore the best time to visit Shanghai is autumn or spring when the city blooms with flowers of varied colors, lake are all brimmed with pristine blue waters making the weather pleasant.

Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai Temptations

Wai Tan -The Bund
The Bund is Shanghai's most famous town nestling on the banks of the river Huang Pu River. The architecture splendor of this beautiful commercial region dates back to the year 1937. The attraction lies in its many Lakeside Avenues showcasing old banks and trading houses. The region has turned out to be one of the popular sites for both its tourists as well as its locals.

Jade Buddha Temple
Buddhist monk Huigen brought two jade Buddha statues from Burma and built a temple to enshrine them in the year 1882. The statues are famous in the Buddhist world and ceremonies are regularly held here. People from all over the world visit the place to pay their homage to the temple as well as to enjoy the unique architecture splendor of the shrine.

Yuyuan (Yu) Garden
Yuyuan Garden was inspired by the Ming and Qing Dynasty’s garden designs. The garden is embellished with a huge complex, minarets and pavilions, along with its rippling streams. Yuyuan Ganden gives an ambience of old Shanghai, the manifold markets, gardens and temple complex are the other main attraction of the area.

Da Ju Yuan -Grand Theatre
It is an art complex containing the Shanghai Museum in RenMin Square and the Shanghai Library where one can enjoy the artifacts of the by gone era as well as the old manuscripts. The complex also has a main theatre where cultural programs are held regularly. Da Ju Yuan/Grand Theatre --190 Huangpi Bei Lu, Shanghai.

Other tourist attractions of in the city are the Shanghai Art and Handicrafts Research Institute, where top artisans develop new crafts, the Longhua Pagoda and Temple and much more.

Jade Buddha Temple Mode of Transportation
An approachable city, Shanghai is quite accessible by land, water and air. Arriving by Air

By Air:
Pudong International Airport is located at the distance of 32 km from the Shanghai city lying near to the Yangtze River. The airport operates a large number of domestic and international flights to the orient and the wider world. On arrival in Shanghai, one can also opt for car rental services at Pudong International Airport.

By Rail:
Shanghai is reachable by train from almost anywhere in China as it is at the junction of the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Hangzhou train lines.

By Road:
In Shanghai, some international hotels have free shuttle buses to and from the Bund commercial area, but apart from those, taxis offer the easiest way of getting about town.

Shopping in Shanghai
Huaihai Road is Shanghai's is parallel to the standards of New York's 5th Avenue, Beverly Hills', or Rome's Via Veneto. Here one can get any brand one desires for, there are numerous local shops, stores, and malls all along both sides of the street. This street is for serious shoppers who like to shop until the stores close late at night.
Women clothes, men's clothes, shoes, accessories, perfume, etc is all the Huaihai Road is about. There are also various stores in Shanghai for diverse variety of toys and toys.

Xiang Yang Rd.: All famous world brands are available here.

ChineseCharms home & gifts: One can get items based on rich Chinese cultural basis, Ancient black pottery, painted pottery, Chinese fresco and pre-historical rock arts, plenty of nice fabric products, and great silk pouches and a series of decorative candle for Chinse culture, impressed bone china tableware ... the list is endless.

Shanghai Eating and Freaking out Joints
Eating out in Shanghai is now a treat for its travelers. The vast range of fabulous dishes for which Chinese cuisine is so rightly famed confronts visitors. Shanghai’s eating joints and restaurants had gone under a tremendous revival, a thrilling range of eateries from fast food and street stalls to elegant international restaurants have come up. There are many restaurants of renown with chefs who specialize in cooking dishes from all the Chinese styles. A diner could eat out for more than a year in Shanghai and still only try a fraction of the cuisine on offer.

The green zone areas are the most preferred hanging out zones in Shanghai. The 'green belt' area deliberately contrived by the locals’ residents is definitely takes one into a New World. If you want to luxuriate, then tread into one of the many gardens established in the city as the city is full of parks maintained on every nook and corner.

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