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Tin Hau (T'ien Hou)

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Tin Hau TempleTin Hau or T'ien Hou, --known as the Goddess of Sky, said to safeguard fishermen in sea by storms and from drowning. There are numerous holy shrines constructed in her glory, along the coastal areas of China, more dominated by fisher communities. It is a common persistence, prevailing over the entire region that the ‘Ocean Goddess’ flies across the sky on clouds with her wind servants, looking for sailors who are in danger, rescuing them from all hazards.

The Tin Hau festival arrives in the month of April or some times in early may normally celebrated on the 23rd day of the Third Moon.
The legend has it that once there was a young girl named Mo Niang. She was considered as the "Queen of Heaven", and is the "Mother" of boat people and sailors.
Tin Hau was born in Fukien in the year 1093. There is an interesting story behind this holy figure--- one day, as usual her father and brothers went deep in to the sea for fishing. At home, while sleeping she had a dream that her father and brother were drowning, she flew over the deep sea on clouds and rescued her family just as they were about to drown. It was also believed that Tin Hau was able to predict the storms and sea traveler’s fortunes. She died at the age of twenty, since then she is called as Tin Hau’.

The Celebrations
There are numerous shrines and temples dedicated to her spirit constructed on the shore side. On her birthday, the entire fisher community, sails to Da Miao - one of the most prestigious temples constructed in honor of Goddess in Joss House Bay. The people pay their homage in the temple praying for their safety in the coming year.