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Travel China and explore its towering mountains and dramatic landscapes that make up China's wealth. Tours to China takes you to its heritage monuments and modern day architectural charms. From the bustling streets of Beijing and Shanghai to the unspoilt Li River, you will experience a perfect blend of urban and rural cultures throughout China.
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Yunnan Stone Forest

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Stone Forest, ChinaTowards the southwest of China on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is located the city of Yunnan a land bequeathed with the spectacular grandeur of nature. Extended on an area of 394,000 sq. km and with a population of 40 million, the city holds the charm of being the biggest regions in the China province.

Yunnan, treasures some of the most captivating sights of the region. The capital, Kunming, as well as the cities of Lijiang hold immense interest for the visitors.

The Formation of Stone Forest
The Stone Forest is situated 126-km southeast of Kunming, almost covering an area of more than 300 sq. km. These Stone Forest are 270 million years old as foretold by scientist, undertaking research in the area. It is realized that, once the region was a tremendous expansion of water and was lying beneath the sea. Over the years a hard layer of limestone sediment was formed. Due to the crust movement and gradually retreating of water, the seabed rose up gradually with a huge part of land, bedecked with erected rocks looking like stone trees. These numerous rock forming the elevated peaks extends over a vast area, looking like a dense forest of stone-rightly giving it a name of "the Stone Forest".
The Stone Forest is one of the most important allure of Yunnan Region.

Forest at Glance
The Climate: The forest is elevated at an altitude is 1760 m as results the region enjoys an enduring pleasant weather, maintaining an average temperature of 15.6 C throughout the year.

Transportation: The Stone Forest is connected with Kunming both by highway and railway, enjoying an easily accessible transport.

Accommodation: All sorts of accommodations are easily available in the region, 5 star luxury hotels to low budget comfortable guesthouses. Besides accommodation, there are many restaurants, stores and IDD services available for the tourist.

Visiting Time: Admission Fee: RMB 80 Recommended Time for a Visit: Two hours Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00

The Torch Festival Major Temptations of the Stone Forest
Meandering along the Stone Forest, tourists wonder at this ‘magnum opus’ and are absolutely spellbound by these erotic creations. The splendid, bizarre and sideling panorama showcases numerous intricate views.

Major Stone Forest, Minor Stone forest and Naigu Stone Forest
These are the most erotic creation of stone in the area. Stones can be seen forming various formations like animals, plants, and even the figures of human beings. Some stones are smoothly shaped and some are rough, each one displaying its distinctive feature.

Subterranean Stone Forest
These forests are in Zhiyun Cave, a subterranean stone forest extended over a vast area, comprising of many caves, definitely a captivating sight.

Strange Wind Cave
This forest comprises of Penfeng Cave, Hongxi Spring and an underground river. During the month of August to November, there are tremendous windstorms taking place, normally lasting for about 2 to 3 minutes at an interval of every 30 minutes, completely sweeping of the cave.

Long Lake
The lake holds the charm of underwater stalagmites and stalactites with an attraction of a small island amidst the blue water. The lake is almost 3 km long and about 300 m wide, making an ideal place for picnic.

Other Charm of the Stone Forest
The Torch Festival
The festival is celebrated on 24th of June of every lunar year. During this time, the Stone Forest comes to life with an exceptionally jubilant, festive atmosphere, making the entire region a more captivating sight.
The Stone Forest with the moldings chiseled by nature, always served as a pristine marvel for its visitors.

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